In the Victorian days, Pickle Castors were a common table accessory. The Victorians were masters at combining form & function. The Victorian table, when fully set, featured a trove of utensils and serving pieces in ornate patterns and styles.

Silver plated pickle castors with glass inserts were used to display and serve small pickles and relishes.  An almost infinite variety of castor stands and inserts can be found attesting to their popularity and usefulness.

This long forgotten serving piece is a highly collectible art form and a wonderful way to remember the graciousness of those earlier times.

Many of the items gracing Victorian tables are in antique stores today. Pickle castors, a popular item, are to be found in many sizes and shapes. Usually made with a jar in a pressed glass pattern with a silver plated lid in a plated container, the complete ones include tongs or a pickle fork. Pickle castors with colored glass or rare pressed glass patterns are scarce and consequently more expensive.
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